COVID Diary Day #1

March 23, 2020 – Day #1 – Our New Normal?

With the gyms closed, camp postponed, and muscles needing work, we have begun to explore alternatives!

Yesterday, we trained on the grass outside Club Tampa Palms, enjoying a nice breezy class, maintaining recommended social distances, having a fun and productive (if a bit “gnatty”) workout. (Note to self, bring bug spray…)

Tate, Colt and Kurt showed off their improved kihon and katas while training in sneaks and sunglasses .… brought back fond memories of Serene training so fashionably with her purse! 😊

With the growing potential for a stay-home order or other restrictions, I’m eagerly open to all ideas for possible “virtual” classes, whether via platform like Zoom (thanks to Lt Col Matthaidess) or Skype.

Let’s be creative, fellow karate-ka/pandemic travelers!

On another note, I’ve tossed out a “COVID Silver Lining Challenge” to my number #3 son to identify a positive potential for every new restriction or downturn.

Extra credit if it can include an opportunity to help someone 😊  I went first:  “I never got to go to school in my underwear!” “Game on!!”

Stay vertical and keep moving! Inertia breeds inertia!


Author: Legal.Geek.I.Am

Full-time emerging tech /privacy / marketing / promotions lawyer at Promotions & Privacy Law LLC by day - full-time mother of two amazing sons, one daughter and wife of world's greatest man by night - perpetual student in my "spare time" of - all things techie-geekie & IoT-related / video editing / piano flute piccolo violin / online research / martial arts ....

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